Round Table discussion on Labour Market Needs Forecasting offers valuable insights for Australia Awards scholars

Professor Yan Islam opens the Round Table discussion on The Labour Market and the Skills Challenge: Review and Stocktaking. (Photo supplied)

Participants of the Australia Awards Labour Marketing Needs Forecasting Short Term Award presented by Griffith University recently participated in a Round Table discussion led by experts from across the labour market sector.

The Round Table brought together key experts from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, the Workforce Gender Equality Agency, TAFE, Crawford School of Policy, and Griffith University.

During the Round Table, awardees heard from a wide range of experts who provided them with valuable insights into the diversity of Australia’s labour market sector and how the country is approaching labour forecasting needs.

Widia Jessti, Australia Awards scholar and Head of the Talent Acquisition Subdivision in the Ministry of State Enterprises said that the Round Table acted as a perfect summary of the Labour Market program in Australia.

“I have gained an extensive understanding of the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector in Australia and the linkage between VET and industry, “she said.

“The Round Table gave us an overview of the comparison between the labour markets of Australia and Indonesia, gender equality work taking place in Australia, and how different systems can be adapted to suit the diverse needs of different countries.

“I found the session to be very interactive and enjoyable, as the interaction between the panellists improved learning and understanding of the topic discussed.”

Ronald Jackson, Director Strategy and Tertiary Financing, TAFE Directors Australia presents on the labour market outcomes of VET graduates in Australia. (Photo supplied)

The event took place at the conclusion of the two-week long Australia Awards Scholarships – Short Term Award funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in which awardees travelled from Brisbane, to the Gold Coast, Adelaide, and then on it Canberra.

Round Table presenters and agenda topics included:

  • Dr John Standwick, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER): Revisiting the role NCVER plays in supporting VET in Australia
  • Ronald Jackson, Director Strategy and Tertiary Financing, TAFE Directors Australia, National Secretariat: The labour market outcomes of VET graduates in Australia: what have we learnt?
  • Janin Bredehoeft, Research and Analytics Executive Manager, Workforce Gender Equality Agency: Managing diversity in the workplace: lessons learnt
  • Mr Quentin O’Grady, Global Lead, Analytics and Organisational Design, Workforce Planning Global: How companies should prepare for the future of work
  • Professor Chris Manning, Honorary Associate Professor, The Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School of Policy, ANU: What can Indonesia Learn from the International Experience in Labour Market Policies?

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