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27 November 2020

G20 stimulus potential triple win for climate, biodiversity and pandemic prevention

Anew report is calling on theG20to fund‘Nature-based Solutions’ that address three of the main risks to humankind: biodiversity loss, climate change and global pandemics.

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23 April 2019

Griffith alumnus makes policing history

Queensland has its first female Police Commissioner, and she is a proud Griffith graduate who was the recipient of the...

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2 November 2018

The Olympics for South East Queensland? Thinking more deeply about infrastructure and legacy

By Associate Professor Sue Harris-Rimmer Griffith Law School South-east Queensland (SEQ) has just hosted the Commonwealth Games and is preparing...

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2 October 2018

Griffith Interfaith Centre plays key role in G20 Interfaith Forum

The forum's theme was ‘Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development: Religious Contributions for a Dignified Future.’

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29 August 2018
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29 March 2018

Griffith musicians to play for country’s movers and shakers

Four young musicians from the Queensland Conservatorium are preparing for the gig of a lifetime after being chosen to perform for the Prime Minister and industry leaders on the eve of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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14 September 2017
Professor AJ Brown with Senator Nick Xenophon

Australia to lead world in protecting whistleblowers: Griffith expert

Australia can become a world leader in protecting whistleblowers if reforms recommended by a parliamentary inquiry are made law, according to a Griffith University expert.

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19 June 2017
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23 February 2017
Professor AJ Brown with Senator Nick Xenophon

Griffith research project team makes submission to whistleblower protection inquiry

Australia’s largest whistleblowing research project has given evidence to the first hearings of the Joint Parliamentary Committee inquiry into whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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16 September 2016

Griffith hosts serious games conference

Griffith Film School and the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research are hosting the prestigious Joint Conference on Serious Games — the first time the event has been held in Australia.

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