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3 March 2022
Financial Literacy

Six ways to improve your teenager’s financial literacy

People need a basic understanding of financial concepts to make good financial decisions. Our newly released research found most students generally do not know a lot about personal finance.

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26 August 2015
Levon Blue's research is exploring financial literacy education in mathematics education for pre-service teachers.

Research explores financial literacy education

Exploring how future teachers can apply financial literacy education in their mathematics education classes is the focus of a new...

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26 February 2008

Financial literacy on breakfast menu

The Griffith Business School (GBS) Alumni Network is helping people get their finances in check, through their first networking event...

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21 June 2022
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8 September 2021

Women with good financial knowledge fare better in divorce

Financial literacy helps men and women overcome the economic shock of divorce, but for women the effect is significant.

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23 April 2020

Maintaining financial health during a crisis

A Griffith University finance expert says act now to lessen any blow to your financial position during COVID-19 and into the future.

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3 April 2019
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30 October 2013
Mark Brimble, in shirt and tie, in office with arm on book shelf.

Symposium plans for financial future

The emergence of financial planning and its increasing importance to the lives of Australians will be a central theme at...

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12 July 2013

Economic literacy a good investment

After attending a meeting of the OECD in Paris, Griffith Honours College student Brigid Buckley says eliminating jargon from economic language will help engage and educate the public on financial affairs

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9 July 2013
Mark Brimble, in shirt and tie, in office with arm on book shelf.

Fellowship to focus on financial advice

As financial advice becomes increasingly important and pertinent to more and more people, the need to professionalise the financial planning...

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