Symposium plans for financial future

Mark Brimble, in shirt and tie, in office with arm on book shelf.
Associate Professor Mark Brimble says Thursday's symposium is an important step in the development of the financial planning profession.

The emergence of financial planning and its increasing importance to the lives of Australians will be a central theme at the annual Personal Finance and Investment Symposium on Thursday (Oct 31).

Griffith University will host the event at its South Bank campus, bringing together many of the country’s industry leaders and prominent academics researching in this area.

Steve Helmich, chair of the global Financial Planning Standards Board, will deliver a keynote address on ‘The Rise and Rise of Financial Planning’ at 9am.

His speech will be followed by a series of sessions throughout the day covering issues from how confident people are in their understanding of basic taxation and superannuation issues to expected stock returns.

The growing need to improve financial literacy will be explored as will financial risk-taking, managing debt and measuring retirement savings.

“The aim of the symposium is twofold,” Associate Professor Mark Brimble, Griffith Business School, said.

“Firstly, it seeks to highlight the role that research in this area can play in supporting the development of the financial planning profession.

“Secondly, and equally important, it brings together leaders from professional bodies, from regulation, from right across the industry and generates important collaborations and relationships.

“This type of engagement informs practice and policy significantly.

“In this way Griffith University is playing a critical role in the development of the industry at an important time, particularly in the pursuit of professionalisation of financial planning.”

Associate Professor Brimble thanked supporters and sponsors of the symposium including the Financial Planning Association of Australia, Flinders University, Virtue and Partners, Griffith University and leading independent wealth management company AMP.

The Personal Finance and Investment Symposium takes place at the Ship Inn Conference Centre at Griffith’s South Bank campus.