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20 March 2023

The false promises of the “15 Minute City”

Griffith University’s award-winning urban planner, Dr Tony Matthews, applies his professional insights to the the "15 Minute City". The 15 minute city concept is designed to ensure that most daily necessities are close by our homes and purports to return residents to a more local way of living but will fail to realise its promise for a broad section of the community.

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31 August 2020

Planning expert says CBD downsizing will have major implications for cities

Dr Tony Matthews says there is building evidence of a mass exodus from commercial office space in the Brisbane CBD and it will have major implications for all cities in a variety of ways.

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15 June 2018

Housing, environment and regions see polarising results in 2018 Qld Budget

Changes to the housing portfolio will make some very unhappy and a few will celebrate - but many won’t be affected, says Dr Tony Matthews.

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9 August 2022
Vivid Sydney

How public art can reinvigorate Australia’s landscape

New public artworks can again hold a mirror up for local communities that have changed in unexpected ways. They offer opportunity to celebrate differences and commonalities and reflect the lived experiences of communities navigating unprecedented change.

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14 June 2022
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24 November 2021
SEQ Olympic Planning

The 2032 Olympics: Urban and environmental planning matters

Mega-events cause extremes of excitement and anxiety for urban planners. Among mega-events, the Olympics is the rarest opportunity – most planners will never get to take it on. Much like athletes winning gold, planners who deliver a successful Olympics secure a permanent professional legacy.

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13 June 2021
Brisbane, Australia

Is it time to re-imagine our fundamental relationship with cities?

We've entered 2021 having lived through unimaginable disruption and facing much more, we might well ask ourselves: Will COVID-19 cause a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with cities?

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22 March 2021
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11 November 2020
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19 July 2019
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