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29 October 2019

Griffith doctoral candidate wins Australia Council Fellowship

Queensland Conservatorium doctoral candidate Cathy Milliken has won the Australia Council's major music award, worth $80,000 over two years.

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23 October 2018
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10 November 2017
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4 December 2012
Paper cutout of a family cupped in hands

Australian Research Council funding success

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice researchers have received more than $800,000 in recent Australian Research Council Discovery funding. Research...

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27 September 2012

Australian bid for the UN Security Council

Professor Alex Bellamy discusses the need for Australian’s to have a seat on the United Nations Security Council as the...

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15 April 2024

New micro course helps local councils be climate ready

Online micro-credential course to build organisations’ capability to adapt and mitigate against climate impacts.

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26 January 2024
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12 December 2023
Australian money

The floating Australian dollar

The 40th anniversary of the floating of the Australian dollar on December 12, 2023, marks a pivotal moment in Australia's economic history. Transitioning from a pegged to a flexible exchange rate in 1983, the journey showcases Australia's economic adaptability, facilitated by a floating exchange rate system, poised to guide the nation towards sustained growth and stability on the global stage.

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28 June 2023
Pacific Islands

Why Australia needs to partner with the Pacific to fight climate change

Senator Penny Wong, Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, has been actively engaging with Pacific Island countries to address climate change, which is seen as the greatest threat to the region. However, doubts remain about whether this engagement can be sustained and deepened to strengthen relationships. Australia's engagement in the Pacific needs to extend beyond climate and security issues and focus on understanding the region and fostering a genuine partnership.

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26 January 2023
Debra Henly

Education leader acknowledged in Australia Day Honours

A former Deputy Vice Chancellor, scientist and leading educator is one of several members of the Griffith University community acknowledged...

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