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29 January 2024

Likelihood of more ambulance callouts as heatwave conditions continue

As Australia swelters through a long, hot summer, the effects of heatwaves and the likelihood of ambulance callouts is at the heart of new Griffith University research.

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22 January 2024
Hot Fiery Sun

The escalating human toll of extreme heat

Global heatwaves are causing severe human suffering, with vulnerable populations facing escalating risks. Urgent questions arise about mobility, decent work, health access, homelessness, mental health, and essential services during extreme heat says Professor Susan Harris Rimmer.

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14 January 2024

Preparing for extreme weather

The Australian summer is frequently accompanied by extreme weather risks. Residents must understand their risks, stay informed through warning systems, and have disaster plans tailored to specific threats says Professor of Disaster Management, Iain MacKenzie.

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11 December 2023

How the tourism industry can prepare for cyclone season

Cyclones have significantly affected the Queensland tourism industry. One thing that has become abundantly clear: industry-wide preparation is the key to mitigating the devastating impact of natural disasters says Dr Yawei Jiang.

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8 December 2023
Cruel Summer

A cruel summer

Summer 2023-24 is marked by a return to El Niño and has prompted concerns that rising temperatures, worsened by climate change, will threaten health, productivity, and safety. Griffith University’s Dr Aaron Bach suggests some strategies from workplace adjustments to home cooling tips aimed at beating the heat.

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