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22 November 2023

Everyday sexism, gender discrimination and sexual harassment in Australian university systems​

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination plague Australian universities, with a rise in incidents over the past 5 years. Women, mostly affected, face everyday sexism, impacting careers and mental health. Despite efforts, reporting remains low. Griffith University's Gender Equality Research Network (GERN) research highlights these issues, advocating for broad, education-driven solutions, urging universities to commit to change and address these systemic problems head-on.

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3 April 2018
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8 December 2016
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11 December 2015

Strong finish to a wonderful year

Looking back over 2015 gives a sense of pride at the level of excellence and achievement across Griffith University

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7 May 2015
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17 June 2019

Round Table discussion on Labour Market Needs Forecasting offers valuable insights for Australia Awards scholars

Participants of the Australia Awards Labour Marketing Needs Forecasting Short Term Award presented by Griffith University recently participated in a...

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14 May 2014

Industrial relations and ‘citizenship’: a new paradigm

New frontiers around ‘citizenship at work’ and how multilevel-governance institutions can be designed to maximise value, was the topic of...

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