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7 August 2019

World’s largest whistleblowing project throws weight behind reforms

Less than 1% of whistleblowers end up going to the media, and only after trying internal or regulatory channels first according to a new report released today.

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16 November 2018

New whistleblowing figures confirm need for legislative action

Results were revealed today at a Griffith University symposium in Sydney.

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5 May 2017

World-first research highlights whistleblowing processes

A world-first ranking of the strength of whistleblowing processes across Australia’s business and government sectors has been released. The results...

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29 April 2016
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19 June 2013
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25 March 2013

Law expert welcomes whistleblowing bill

Australia’s leading whistleblowing law expert has welcomed the introduction by the Federal Government of its ‘long overdue’ whistleblower protection legislation,...

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13 February 2024

Integrity experts call for focus on justice for whistleblowers

No employee should be left worse-off for blowing the whistle - Griffith integrity experts call for a principles-based Commonwealth whistleblower protection regime.

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12 June 2023
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4 April 2023
Manipulator concept

Sovereign Citizens: Eccentrics or Extremists?

Sovereign citizens or ‘sovcitz’ reject the authority of the government and legal systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled extremism, including sovereign citizen beliefs in Australia, says Griffith University’s Dr Keiran Hardy, and poses challenges to law enforcement and public safety.

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30 November 2022
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