Leaders in the field of corporate governance and medicine have led the Griffith community who have been honoured in the 2023 King’s Birthday list.

Professor AJ Brown (School of Government and International Relations, GBS) and Professor David Ellwood (School of Medicine and Dentistry) received AM and AO recognition respectively.

Professor Brown AM was honoured for his significant service to the law and to public policy particularly to whistleblower protection.

Professor AJ Brown with Senator Nick Xenophon

Professor AJ Brown AM with Senator Nick Xenophon

A board member of Transparency International, Professor Brown AM continues to be one of the loudest voices in affecting change to legislation regarding whistleblowing protection laws for employees who speak up and publicly disclose corruption in the workplace.

Professor Brown also has been instrumental heading Griffith research-led advocacy in helping to drive and deliver ground-breaking national anti-corruption reform for Australia.

“This honour is obviously less about me than about growing recognition of the importance of whistleblowing and people who are prepared to speak up against corruption in our institutions – at home and abroad – so that’s really pleasing to see,” Professor Brown said.

“We’re seeing a sea change in support of long overdue integrity reforms, with establishment of the new national anti-corruption commission and many other measures, but disasters such as Robodebt continue to show how badly we need them.

“Unfortunately, there are still far too many whistleblowers who never receive the thanks or support they deserve, let alone a recognition like this.

“So if our research is doing anything to help change that, through direct influence on policy and also the university’s partnership with Transparency International over the years, then every bit of the effort is worth it.”

Professor David Ellwood received an AO for distinguished service to medicine as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, to research and tertiary education and to professional associations.

The Dean of Medicine and Head of School of Medicine and Dentistry at Griffith from 2017 to 2022, Professor Ellwood AO is recognised as one of Australia’s leading clinical obstetricians and served as President of the Australian Medical Council (2018-2020).

Professor David Ellwood AO

“I have been lucky to work with many talented people in obstetrics and gynaecology that have made meaningful contributions to my career and I acknowledge one and all at this proud moment,” Professor Ellwood AO said.

Professor Ellwood AO is also a tireless supporter of several charities including the Stillbirth foundation which raises money for research into its causes and prevention, a tragic outcome of pregnancy which affects six families a day in Australia.

Other Griffith community members including former staff and alumni to be recognised in the 2023 King’s Birthday Honours List:


Professor Peter Martin DUniv (Alumnus – AEL Outstanding Alumnus of the year 2015, Professor of Practice – Griffith Criminology) for significant service to public administration in Queensland.

Peter Martin AM, DUniv (2021)

Dr Tony Badrick (Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) for significant service to diagnostic pathology and to education.

Paul Crossley (Chair – Review of the School of Biomolecular and Physical Science 2013) for significant service to education and molecular biology.

Peter Blatch (Alumnus – Diploma of Teaching) for significant service to youth through scouting and education.

George Torbay (Alumnus – Master of Music Studies) for significant service to the performing arts through music in a range of roles


Cheryl Vardon DUniv (Adjunct Professor, School of Education & Professional Studies) for distinguished service to public administration particularly education and health and for protection of young people.

Gerald Williams (Adjunct Professor of Nursing in the School of Nursing and Midwifery) for distinguished service to critical care nursing to medical education and as a mentor.


Sandra Johnston (Volunteer – Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) ) for service to community health.

Ian Langdon (Dean, Griffith Business School 1990-1992) for service to community and primary industry.

Associate Professor Kelly Rogers (PhD – Biology) for significant service to medical research.

Astrid Jorgensen (Alumnus – Master of Music Studies) for significant service to the community as a musical director.

Natalie Rose – (Alumnus – School of Law) for service to the law.

The late Timothy Page (Adjunct Professor, Centre for Ethics, Law and Government) for service to photojournalism.

Dr Margaret Shapiro (Honorary Professor of Social Work, School of Health Sciences and Social Work) for service to community health.


Detective Superintendent Albert Joseph (Alumnus – M. International law)

Superintendent Anne Vogler (Alumnus – B. Teaching)

Superintendent David Scutchings ( Alumnus – GCert Aviation Management)


Assistant Commissioner David Hartley (Alumnus – B. Criminology & Criminal Justice, MA. Public Sector Leadership)