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22 May 2024
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20 January 2018

Sustaining livelihoods in an Indonesian dryland environment

Living in a remote area has many disadvantages, especially in dryland regions where poor access to water means households are...

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10 January 2017

Sustaining livelihoods in dryland — Collaboration of researcher and community

Ms Yenny Tjoe is a PhD candidate in Griffith University’s Department of International Business and Asian Studies. Her research topic...

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16 August 2023
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19 July 2022
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26 June 2022

Australia’s role in a world on edge with Dr Michael Fullilove AM

The July instalment of A Better Future for All turned its attention to global affairs with this In Conversation with Dr Michael Fullilove AM.

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9 June 2021
Warrumbungle Ranges, Coonabarabran

Leaving Coonabarabran

Susan Harris Rimmer on her home town Coonabarabran, she asks "will we look back on those families who gave up on Coona as part of the first waves of forced relocation that will happen due to climate change in Australia? Do people realise climate mobility issues are already happening?

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15 October 2019

Australia is OECD’S “laggard” in supporting the uptake of Electric Vehicles

By Dr Anna Mortimore Griffith Business School The Australian Government’s annual emission report for the year to December 2018, showedtransport...

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22 September 2015
Associate Professor Halim Rane.

Dedication rewarded with national teaching award

Associate Professor Halim Rane has been awarded a national teaching award for his commitment to student learning.

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7 August 2015
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