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24 May 2022

Visualising the next economic transition

The dominant language around great economic transitions of modern times suggests they have been caused by leaps in technological innovation. These normative narratives suggest that it was the leveraging of new technologies that opened the way for the subsequent reshaping of our economies, and our societies. But if we look more closely at the major ‘ages of transition’, it is clear that they didn’t just follow on from purely technological innovation.

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6 April 2022
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23 September 2021
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14 October 2020

Griffith graduate kickstarts local film industry

Griffith Film School graduate Steve Jaggi has a raft of projects underway in Queensland - including a new 12-part series bought by Netflix for release worldwide.

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19 December 2019

Griffith nurtures next generation of visual art students

Queensland College of Art have hosted the state's best high school visual arts students in collaboration with the Department of Education and QAGOMA.

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26 November 2019
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5 September 2019
Painting by Dr Julie Fragar called The Gatekeeper (Portrait of an Honourable Justice)

Rendering criminal trials in visual art

Queensland College of Art’s Dr Julie Fragar is taking a fine art lens to criminal justice with her work Next Witness.

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18 April 2019

Griffith showcases creative arts at Bleach* Festival

Griffith University will showcase work by creative arts students, alumni and faculty at Bleach* Festival over the next 10 days.

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11 October 2018
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30 July 2018

Griffith showcases creative arts on world stage

Griffith University will showcase its creative arts offerings at the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia next month. The Arts, Education and Law Group (AEL) are presenting The Griffith Creative Arts Roomas part of the month-long celebration of arts and culture, which attracts more than a million visitors from around the world.

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