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14 May 2024

Newly formed Centre aims to transform our understanding of violence against women

Eliminating violence against women is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Awareness of the problem has grown...

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14 March 2022

DV prevention program receives high praise from ACER

Griffith University’s MATE Bystander Program is highly effective in empowering people to actively contribute to eliminating violence and coercive control, an evaluation by the Australian Council for Educational Research has found.

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1 September 2021
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27 July 2021
Parliament House, Canberra

SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG 16 aims to build strong and just institutions in support of peaceful and inclusive societies around the world by 2030. It promotes the rule of law, transparency, accountability, good governance, and ensuring equal access to justice and strengthening human rights.

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12 May 2021

Working with community to prevent youth sexual abuse and violence

Griffith researchers are working with young people in Toowoomba and Bundaberg to deliver community-led Action Plans focused on reducing youth sexual violence and assault.

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16 March 2021
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24 February 2021
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23 September 2020
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17 August 2020

Focus on links between sport and violence prevention: ‘It’s On All Of Us’

Its hoped a webinar bringing together academics, activists, professional athletes and sporting organisations will help drive change in the area of violence prevention.

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28 May 2020
Domestic violence

Being an effective bystander during COVID-19

Isolation has become the norm during COVID-19 but while it’s proven difficult for many, none have been more at risk than victims of domestic violence.

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