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19 June 2020

The US does not need a wannabe Lincoln or Churchill, it needs a Leo Amery

Trump likes to see himself as a wartime president like Churchill or Lincoln. The Brits flattered the first proposity by...

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28 March 2019

Experts gather to address the biggest election in the world

The world’s single largest election day will take place next month, as Indonesians head to the polls. With more than...

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30 October 2017

Griffith experts ready for Queensland election

Griffith Uni will look beyond the slogans to provide voters with the insights they need to be informed and active participants.

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30 November 2016

Big Data analytics — Nostradamus of the 21st century

The future of election polling will be based on social media comments and data, according to a Griffith University researcher...

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8 November 2016

Griffith grad joins The Chaser on the US election trail

Griffith Film School graduate Martin Ingle got up close and personal with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the US election trail, after winning the inaugural Media Super Scholarship. The up and coming filmmaker was selected out of a nationwide pool of applicants to join ABC TV’s The Chaser and The Shovel in the US to cover the 2016 presidential election.

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26 September 2014
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6 March 2014
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2 September 2013
Zim Nwokora, seated, makes a point with right arm gesticulation

Party politics leads campaign down US trail

With Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott taking centre stage, the Federal Election campaign has a US flavour, writes Dr Zim Nwokora.

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1 November 2012

Hurricane hurts Romney presidential push

As the US comes to terms with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy, Republican candidate Mitt Romney may also struggle to...

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4 September 2007

Students make it to the US Congress

Two Griffith University students have been selected to complete internships with the United States (US) Congress. Clare Anderson and Monique...

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