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31 August 2022

What can unions and the Albanese government offer each other at the jobs summit?

The Jobs and Skills Summit will attempt to lay the groundwork for several years of policy development. The unions and the government will both look for co-operation from the other over the long haul.

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9 August 2022
Vivid Sydney

How public art can reinvigorate Australia’s landscape

New public artworks can again hold a mirror up for local communities that have changed in unexpected ways. They offer opportunity to celebrate differences and commonalities and reflect the lived experiences of communities navigating unprecedented change.

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5 March 2022

Australian and Japanese universities collaborate on post-COVID-19 business education

COVID-19 not only brought aboutchanges to business education in Australia, but it also accelerated changes within in the business sector itself. Universities are now faced with opportunities in how they respond.

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7 June 2021

Griffith leads the way in gifted and talented education

Griffith University education lecturer Dr Michelle Ronksley-Pavia has developed a new online training course for teachers, to help them recognise and support the needs of gifted and talented children.

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3 June 2021
After the Pandemic

In Conversation with Professor Nigel McMillan, Dr Rebecca Huntley and Mik Auckland

After the Pandemic: Imagining the Future Our response to coronavirus will shape Australia for decades to come. It has been...

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1 February 2021

Employment for older workers on the agenda at APEC

Older workers may be hit hardest by the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, according to a Griffith University adult...

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21 October 2020
Online Education

Online education enables research and capability development project to continue through worst of COVID-19

For years now, there has been continued growth in the online education space. Online learning provides flexibility to enable those...

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14 August 2020
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29 June 2020
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28 May 2020
Domestic violence

Being an effective bystander during COVID-19

Isolation has become the norm during COVID-19 but while it’s proven difficult for many, none have been more at risk than victims of domestic violence.

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