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30 August 2012

Teenage girls need to shape up for parenting

Griffith Health Institute Professor Andrew Hills believes there needs to be a concerted effort to change how we develop healthy children into healthy women

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21 February 2019

Teen girls swayed by parents’ drinking

Teen girls are influenced by their father's drinking habits a new Griffith University study shows.

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26 February 2018

Studying the dark side of teen girls’ social media

Despite the best efforts of educators, government, and law enforcers, teen bullying and sexting are still very much a part of many Australian teen girls’ lives.

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17 November 2016

Teasing can result in harsh truth for teenagers

Rejection, teasing and victimisation can be extremely distressing for teens and such experiences are expected to cause eating disorders, body and muscle distortion, social anxiety and depression.

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25 October 2016
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12 August 2022

Reminder for parents to keep a close watch on boys’ internet usage

Teenage boys are just as likely to be victims of cyberbullying as teenage girls, prompting a timely reminder for parents to be on top of internet usage and access.

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8 August 2016

Good girl identity is No.1 for teens online

Australian teenage girls value friendships more than anything else in their everyday online interactions, with the most sought after identity being the “good girl”.

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12 October 2021

The state of storytelling with David Malouf, Melissa Lucashenko and Trent Dalton

This conversation sees Kerry O'Brien speak with acclaimed authors David Malouf, Melissa Lucashenko and Trent Dalton about Australia’s evolving storytelling culture.

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10 September 2021
Wesley Enoch and Rhoda Roberts

In Conversation with Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM

The power of culture In this interview Kerry O’Brien talked to Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM about the power of cultural...

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28 June 2021
Jess Hill

In Conversation with Jess Hill

A Safer Place In this country, one in four women has experienced violence from an intimate partner. On average, one...

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