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29 November 2017

Are tax havens really all bad?

By Pascalis Raimondos, Professor of Economics, Head of School, Queensland University of Technology & Sara L. McGaughey, Professor of International...

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16 February 2013

The Economist: Special Report on Tax Havens

On 16 February 2013, The Economist published a special report on Storm Survivors Offshore financial centres have taken a battering...

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1 July 2013

Pacific Islands shine light on larger tax-haven fight

According to Dr Anthony Van Fossen in an opinion piece for The Conversation, the role of offshore tax havens have...

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27 June 2013
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28 February 2013

New Publication for Anthony Van Fossen

In recent years many countries in Oceania have developed tax havens. Using their sovereignty, the Pacific Islands countries have profited...

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3 October 2012

New rules fail to clean out dirty money

Australia and other leading economic nations are playing an unwitting role in hiding illegal money, even ranking worse than some...

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23 November 2010

Griffith Asia Institute – Research Seminar by Professor Jason Sharman

Professor Jason Sharman, Centre for Governance and Public Policy and Griffith Asia Institute presents ‘China, Tax Havens and Development: The...

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31 August 2022
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