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14 August 2018

Building blocks for innovative thinking

In last week’s Sustainable Supply Network Management for the Next Decade course, Griffith University lecturer, Mr Omid Haass creatively used...

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1 August 2018

Students negotiate a winning hand

Mr Omid Haass from the Department of International Business and Asian Studies had his postgraduate students enjoying a game of...

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19 May 2015
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25 March 2024

Nurturing globally minded leaders beyond the classroom

In 2023, the Griffith Asia Business Internship (GABI) Program once again delivered unique and transformative experiences to students, helping to...

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16 May 2023

Digital Technologies for a Climate Resilient Water Sector

The International WaterCentre is helping the water sector understand the digital technologies needed to build a climate resilient future

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22 February 2023
Currency and Exchange

The risks and returns of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow and attract more interest across the globe. It is becoming progressively intertwined with traditional financial markets, evidenced by a steady increase in the number of managed funds holding cryptocurrency assets on their balance sheets. FinTech expert Will Banks looks at the risks and returns.

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20 December 2022

Regenerative literacy can help build sustainable tourism

When you think about good tourism experience, it’s the things that you have done and the emotions that you felt while doing them that generally come to mind. Tourism also connects us,as tourists and as hosts, to place. How can we rebuild biodiversity as tourists and tourism operators?

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31 January 2022
Food disruption

Five ways to avoid food disruption

Supermarkets are central to our everyday lives, but they have also become symbols of our vulnerability in times of disruption.

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30 July 2021

Pandemic nutrition and food security in focus

Sri Lankan health professionals willtake part in a six-monthnutrition and food security program led by Griffith in collaboration withthe Australian Government andlocal university partners.

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28 September 2020
Matthew Keech.

Transferrable skills the key to graduate’s Defence career

Matthew Keech knew he wanted to challenge himself and to go above and beyond expectations, and he knew Griffith was the place where he could be remarkable.

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