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30 October 2023
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17 February 2023

Sugars help to crack the ovarian cancer code

Griffith University researchers are making inroads in ovarian cancer research looking at early detection signs and how the disease spreads through the body.

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30 August 2022
Ovarian cancer research

Sugar modifications the key to unlocking ovarian cancer secrets

The ability to identify unique sugars that decorate ovarian cancer cells could help prevent the spread of cancer and improve treatment options for women.

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9 August 2022
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9 March 2022
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15 July 2021
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22 January 2021

The tricks Australian forests use to survive bushfires

A review byThe Bushfire Recovery Project has confirmed how it is that Australian eucalypt forests survive and regenerate after devastating wildfires like the 2019-20 Black Summer fires.

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16 November 2020
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24 June 2020

Researchers from Institute for Glycomics fight antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea

A research project by Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics seeks to identify and develop new drugs and a vaccine to...

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23 May 2020
The structure of the CDC, suilysin, binding to a glycan receptor. This whole toxin is shown in the top left side. Domain 4 of the toxin (grey) is shown in complex with one of the glycans recognized by suilysin bottom right side.

Study shows toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage

Griffith University research has found that sugars decorating human cells allow toxins, produced by disease-causing bacteria, to bind to human cells and cause damage or death.

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