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14 May 2021
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8 October 2020

Rainforests not humans drove megafauna extinction in Southeast Asia

The takeover of Southeast Asia’s grasslands with today’s rainforests contributed to the extinction of the region’s megafauna and ancient humans.

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7 December 2017

The troubling reality of Southeast Asia’s ‘democratic recession’

By Dr Diego Fossatiand Dr Lee Morgenbesser Griffith Asia Institute and the Centre for Governance and Public Policy The notion...

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5 December 2017

Griffith workshop to tackle the decline of democracy in Southeast Asia

Academics from Griffith University and other esteemed institutions will gather for a two-day workshop this month addressing the deterioration of...

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7 March 2024

Griffith Asia Institute Report on Chinese Investment Trends Captivates Nikkei Asia’s Interest

Amidst the dynamic economic landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, a comprehensive report published by the Griffith Asia Institute has captured...

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8 February 2023
The 2022 GABI Malaysia Cohort (William MacDonald, Malinda Donny, Annabelle Christie and Dalyn Preston) with Jan Drew at the Malaysia Australia Business Council event in Mid-December 2022.

Back in Action: GABI Program Returns to Asia-Pacific in 2022

The Griffith Asia Business Internships Program, also known as ‘GABI’, kicked off once more in November 2022 with a total...

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7 September 2022
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15 June 2021
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9 June 2021
Street Food

Women’s entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: the $5 trillion opportunity

Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region has never been more important than now. Despite downturns, the region hums with an entrepreneurial energy and spirit of opportunity that permeates everywhere from local marketplaces to the sprawling headquarters of multinational corporations

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30 April 2020

Australia should flex soft power in Asia Pacific ‘neighbourhood’

From North Korean missiles tests, Malaysian elections and President Trump’s TAIPEI Act, the geopolitical drama of Asia Pacific continues with the world in COVID-19 lockdown.

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