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5 December 2022

Measuring times in billionths of a billionth of a second

Scientists develop technique capable of measuring time delays with zeptosecond (a trillionth of a billionth of a second) resolution.

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25 November 2022
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17 January 2020
Professor Robert Sang and Professor Igor Litvinyuk in the Australian Attosecond Science Facility.

ARC funding upgrades Australia’s fastest laser system

Researchers at Griffith University’s Australian Attosecond Science Facility have been awarded $744,000 in Australian Research Council funding for a new...

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12 August 2019
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19 March 2019
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6 December 2018
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20 June 2017

Electron caught in the act

Australia’s fastest camera has revealed the time it takes for molecules to break apart. The experimental research, conducted by Griffith...

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27 October 2015
Brisbane's Lourdes Hill College students Amy Lubrana, Shannon Terris, Madison Hampson and Lauren Peters with Associate Professor Francesca Iacopi (second from right) as part of the Growing Tall Poppies program.

Brisbane school girls experience life as a scientist

Seven Year 10 girls from a Brisbane high school have gained an insight into life as a scientist at Griffith...

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1 July 2013
Vice Chancellor Ian O'Connor and Waters Australia General Manager, Mr Peter Fuller

Donation boosts research and learning outcomes

Griffith University’s School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences has gratefully accepted the donation of a Waters Quattro Premier XE mass...

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9 September 2014
Geoffrey Robertson QC

Summit puts global integrity in the spotlight

Some of the world's top legal and ethics figures inspired the more than 400 people who attended the Global Integrity Summit at Griffith University's Queensland Conservatorium this week.

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