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14 July 2017
Image of architectural models

EASE does it … Alex’s app a coup for property data

Alex Steffan launched a planning firm as soon as he graduated from Griffith University. He has now created an app providing instant, comprehensive property data for SE Queensland

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16 January 2014
Waist-up image of Griffith graduate Jessica van Rooyen in bright coloured dress.

Industry opportunity for real estate students

Real estate and property development students at Griffith will have the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience through a new...

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24 September 2007

Students to get in on property boom

For the first time in Australia students completing a university degree will graduate with a real estate licence, through Griffith...

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16 August 2007

Study discovers what unit owners really want

What’s driving Queensland unit owners’ decision-making and satisfaction? Two Griffith University researchers have the answer. Service Industry Research Centre Director...

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21 November 2023
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9 June 2021
Tiny House

Australia’s big interest in tiny houses

Despite early forecasts of a COVID-19-driven slump, house prices are now surging in many parts of Australia. This is further widening the gap between the housing “haves” and “have-nots”, and we are seeing related rises in housing stress, rental insecurity and homelessness. In Australia and elsewhere a movement has emerged that supports tiny house living as an important response to the housing affordability crisis.

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5 May 2016
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21 October 2014
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11 August 2014
New graduate, Ellen Clark, added the 2014 Property Council of Australia Peter Trathen Memorial Scholarship to her degree in real estate and property development.

Scholarship opens door to industry experience

After receiving her degree at a graduation ceremony in Brisbane, Ellen Clark now turns her attention to a property development...

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