An app that offers an instant and comprehensive overview of properties in South-East Queensland is proving a coup for its developer, Griffith University planning alumnus Alex Steffan.

During his time at Griffith, Alex worked as a student planner at a private consultancy. He launched his own Brisbane-based company, Steffan Town Planning, after graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning.

Starting with a small client base and small projects —“gaining approvals for carports, decks, sheds, conversions and the like,” he says —Alex’s creation of an online property assessment service soon opened the way to broader professional horizons.

The service in question, DevQld, delivered fast summary reports on the provisions, protocols and development potential of properties.

After gaining more than 600 approvals for clients, Alex has now launched PropertEASE, a revolutionary app that details the development potential and requirements of a property with the click of a button.

Headshot of Planning graduate and creator of PropertEASE, Alex Steffan

Planning graduate and creator of PropertEASE, Alex Steffan

“The information provided through PropertEASE is immediate and comprehensive,” says Alex. “I have essentially created big data from local government planning schemes, and the potential use of that data is endless.

“Through PropertEASE, our clients —whether an architect, a fellow planner, developer, real estate agent, investor, builder or individual property owner — can access vital property information on the spot.

“This includes everything from the planning scheme, zoning, dimensions, subdivision potential and lot reconfiguration requirements to cautions, multiple dwelling opportunities, flood planning, airport environs and more general information such as density and heights.”

PropertEASE currently contains information encompassing Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Redland City local government areas. The plan is to keep expanding the catchment.

“PropertEASE is the result of a need that had been identified, but not properly met,” says Alex.“I’d talk with friends and colleagues and quite often the conversation would turn towards the value of an automated system detailing all the potential, provisions and protocols around a specific property.

“PropertEASE launched in May and the response has been amazing.”

Alex says that studying at Griffith was ideal preparation for the career that has ensued:“Griffith made me ready to take on some big responsibilities. It gave me the belief to say ‘I can do this’,” he says.

“It also instilled in me the skills and confidence to start my own business as soon as I graduated.I hope that message might help other planning students as they pursue their own degrees and career dreams.”