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24 November 2016

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim named 2017 Queensland Australian of the Year

Griffith University’s Professor Alan Mackay-Sim has been named the 2017 Queensland Australian of the Year for his work with stem cells and how they can be used to help repair damaged spinal cords.

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4 January 2023
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11 October 2023
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30 March 2023
Associate Professor James St John, head of the Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research with exercise physiologist Meg Wilcox and client Dan Eiser.

Funding boost for world-first cell transplantation research for nervous system repair

Griffith University’s world-first study into cell transplantation to repair injuries to the nervous system has received a major boost thanks to a $5.4 million funding extension from the MAIC.

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6 October 2022
Professor Alan Mackay-Sim

GRIDD receives funding to develop drugs to treat schizophrenia

Paving the way for personalised medicine, Griffith University researchers will use stem cells from nasal biopsies of people with schizophrenia...

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26 September 2022

The Power of Podcast with Hedley Thomas

In this instalment of Griffith University’s A Better Future for All series, Kerry O’Brien talks with the award-winning investigative journalist and podcaster Hedley Thomas.

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14 June 2021

Griffith greats receive Queen’s Birthday Honours

Aninspirational scientist and international leader in stem cell research, GriffithProfessorEmeritusAlan Mackay-Simhas been awardedMember (AM) of the Order of Australia in theQueen's Birthday 2021 Honours List.

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8 September 2020

Griffith congratulates philanthropy award winners

One of Griffith’s biggest supporters in the field of spinal cord injury research and a Griffith Sciences alumnus have been recognised at the Queensland Community Foundation Philanthropy awards.

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6 August 2020

New anti-cancer drug breakthrough for prostate cancer

A new anti-cancer drug for prostate cancer overcomes the twin problems plaguing researchers for decades. It halts metastasis (tumour spread) and drug resistance.

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19 May 2020

Queensland fossils shed light on megafauna extinction

Griffith University researchers were part of a group of Australian palaeontologists who announced the discovery of new extinct Australian megafauna...

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