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23 August 2022
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16 August 2022
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9 August 2022

Teeth hold valuable clues for understanding ancient climates and evolutionary processes

Increasing climate variability has been implicated as a driving force for the origins of our species (Homo sapiens) over 300,000 years ago,...

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27 July 2021
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17 October 2018
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4 April 2017
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5 July 2016
Dr Kate Seib in a laboratory

Kate Seib wins prestigious ASM Frank Fenner Award

Griffith University microbiologist Dr Kate Seib has been recognised for her distinguished contributions to microbiology research in Australia, including vaccine targets for diseases which cause meningitis, gonorrhoea and middle ear infections.

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7 June 2016

Research proves First Peoples were truly first

Griffith University researchers have found evidence that shows Aboriginal people were the first to inhabit Australia, challenging previous views on the migration of the First Peoples.

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4 April 2016
Professor Michael Jennings

Griffith researchers acknowledged for contributions to the advancement of microbiology

Two researchers from Griffith’s Institute for Glycomics have been awarded Fellowships with the American Academy of Microbiology for their contributions...

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17 December 2015
Professor Michael Jennings and Dr Christopher Day have research published int he Proceedings of the National Academy of Science journal.

Sweet and sticky: Bacteria use sugars to bind to human cells

A team at Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics has made a scientific discovery that will change the way scientists explore...

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