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29 September 2022

Hope is on the horizon for children suffering from pneumonia

A drug normally used to prevent tissue rejection following organ transplants could be repurposed to help treat human metapneumovirus (HMPV) infection in children.

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23 May 2020
The structure of the CDC, suilysin, binding to a glycan receptor. This whole toxin is shown in the top left side. Domain 4 of the toxin (grey) is shown in complex with one of the glycans recognized by suilysin bottom right side.

Study shows toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage

Griffith University research has found that sugars decorating human cells allow toxins, produced by disease-causing bacteria, to bind to human cells and cause damage or death.

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12 November 2014

Griffith receives funding boost for World Pneumonia Day

Griffith University’s bid to fight the childhood killer pneumonia has received a significant boost following the award of a $304,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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11 November 2013

Griffith joins the fight against pneumonia

Advancing the fight against pneumonia is the focus of a new online scholarly journal launched by Griffith University ePress.

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19 January 2022

Developing new antibiotics to treat drug resistant infections

Institute for Glycomics researchers awarded $1.1 million from NHMRC to develop new antibiotics for drug resistant gonorrhoea.

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20 April 2021
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19 November 2020

Alzheimer’s disease drug may help fight against antibiotic resistance

An experimental Alzheimer's disease treatment is proving effective at treating some of the most persistent, life-threatening antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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20 May 2020
Scientists at Griffith's Institute for Glycomics have been awarded NHMRC Investigator Grants.

Institute for Glycomics wins NHMRC Investigator Grants

The Institute for Glycomics has been awarded two National Health and Medical Research Council Investigator Grants.

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29 April 2020

A timeline of COVID 19 and Human Rights: The onset of the pandemic and free speech

The COVID 19 pandemic is wreaking havoc across the globe. Every segment of most societies will be profoundly impacted. The...

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19 November 2018

Researchers a step closer to understanding how deadly bird flu virus takes hold in humans

How highly pathogenic influenza viruses such as deadly bird fluinfecthumans is being unravelled.

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