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29 August 2017

North Korea fires missile over Japan

Andrew O’Neil, Professor of Political Science, says the time may be coming when the Trump administration re-examines US plans for striking North Korea.

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5 July 2017

Implications of North Korea’s ICBM test

North Korea's announcement that it has successfully tested a ballistic missile with an intercontinental range has been highly anticipated for some time.

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1 June 2017

What game theory says about dealing with North Korea

North Korea fired its third missile in three weeks on May 29, once again drawing protests from South Korea and Japan.

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19 July 2013

North Korea ship found with missile parts from Cuba

Recently Soviet-made missile material has been found under thousands of Cuban sugar bags on board a North Korean vessel in...

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11 July 2013

Burma and North Korea: Again? Still?

Burma promised the US President Obama last year that their military ties with North Korea would be severed. However evidence...

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8 May 2013

North Korea: Is it really a threat?

On SBS insight, 7 May 2013, Professor Andrew O’Neil joined North Korean defectors, North Korea watchers, former diplomats and experts...

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2 May 2013

North Korea’s Recent Behaviour

Prof Andrew O’Neil speaks to Griffith University Blog about the recent happenings in North Korea. You can view the whole...

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18 April 2013

North Korea’s changing nuclear posture

Prof. Andrew O’Neil looks at three possible scenarios for Kim Jong-un to use nuclear weapons in his latest article published...

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4 April 2013

Optimism over North Korean bluff dims by the day

Professor Andrew O’Neil discusses the possibility that the recent threats by North Korea could escalate. He takes a look at...

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13 February 2013

Engagement with North Korea is the best Policy Option.

Griffith Asia Institute was pleased to host Dr Jong Kun Choi, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Studies...

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