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8 July 2019
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27 January 2017
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23 October 2014
Professor Alan Mackay-Sim

Stem cell work hailed as paraplegic walks again

Research led by Griffith University's National Centre for Adult Stem Cell Research has made a profound contribution to revolutionary surgery that has seen a paraplegic man walk again

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24 January 2012

From pet shop owner to malaria researcher

Gillian Fisher had always dreamed of being a scientist so at age 40, she left her world as a pet...

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23 November 2008

Griffith hosts international adult stem cell forum

Leading adult stem cell researchers will converge at Griffith University, Brisbane this week for an international conference revealing breakthroughs from...

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16 September 2008

Trial supports safety of adult stem cell transplants in paraplegics

A three-year, Phase I clinical trial in human paraplegics has demonstrated the safety of cells from a patient’s own nose...

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6 June 2008

Adult stem cell findings offer new hope for Parkinson’s cure

The Griffith University study published Thursday (US time) in the journal Stem Cells found that adult stem cells harvested from...

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21 December 2007

Research Successes

We welcome international cooperation in research and of our 1,200 academic staff, approximately 42% come from abroad, and of our...

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4 January 2023
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14 June 2021

Griffith greats receive Queen’s Birthday Honours

Aninspirational scientist and international leader in stem cell research, GriffithProfessorEmeritusAlan Mackay-Simhas been awardedMember (AM) of the Order of Australia in theQueen's Birthday 2021 Honours List.

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