We welcome international cooperation in research and of our 1,200 academic staff, approximately 42% come from abroad, and of our 1,100 research higher degree students, 16% come from overseas.

More than 35% of all Griffith research publications are co-authored with an international research collaborator.

Recent major research grant successes in 2006 — 07 include:

– $50 million National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility;

– $22 million National Adult Stem Cell Centre;

– $16 million Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge Research Hub;

– $18 million ‘Smart Water’ Research Facility;

– $15 million Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security;

– Selection as Queensland node of the Cooperative Research Centre for Cancer Therapeutics; and

– $1.8 million grant to Eskitis Institute (Malaria and African Sleeping Sickness).