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24 September 2012

2012 Leaders Lecture and Second Track Dialogues in Beijing

Griffith University and Peking University in collaboration with the Queensland Government have established a future oriented partnership between Australia and...

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30 October 2023
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16 December 2020

Combined probiotics use may help reduce pre-term infant mortality

Probiotic and prebiotic supplementation may help reduce the mortality rate of preterm infants if given in the first few months of life.

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24 September 2020

National COVID-19 guidelines to safeguard healthcare workers

Griffith University researchers have helped develop national guidelines to minimise healthcare workers' risk of infection spread.

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20 December 2017
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13 November 2013

Tai Chi helps fight obesity

It may not be high impact or get you huffing and puffing but the gentle art of Tai Chi can reduce obesity according to a recent study.

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5 October 2012

Chinese partnership yeilds Alumni award

Griffith and University of Peking researcher Professor Xiauchan Pan has taken out an Australia-China Alumni Award at a ceremony in...

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5 December 2011

Natural disaster focus gets PM boost

Gold Coast student Nicola Banwell is off to Canberra to collect a Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award for 2011...

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15 October 2011

Singing research in tune with mental health benefits

A 16-month study of participatory community singing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander choirs throughout Queensland has shown significant improvements...

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29 February 2024
'The Gabba' in Woolloongabba, Brisbane

From white elephants to a sustainable legacy

The scrutiny of infrastructure planning for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics is intensifying. In alignment with the International Olympic Committee's emphasis on sustainability and legacy, venues must prioritise plans that ensure a lasting positive impact, conforming to the standards of the 'the new norm'.

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