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24 July 2023

World-first IV Passport earns prestigious award

The development of a world-first intravenous (IV) Passport has caught the world’s attention with 20 countries downloading the application and an award from the consumer-led Australian Patients Association.

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5 April 2023
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15 December 2022
Workshop attendees in a group photo

Environmental Politics under Authoritarian Rule: activism, policy and governance

Dr Ellie Martus, Centre for Governance and Public Policy Griffith University, and Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, University of New South...

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2 December 2022
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21 October 2022
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30 March 2021

NDIS: implementation or impairment

Experts say the implementation and development of the NDIS are going to pose greater challenges than its conception.

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25 August 2020

Griffith’s First Peoples Health Unit celebrates five years

Our First Peoples Health Unit turns five on Tuesday 25 August, and Director, Professor Roianne West, says while the unit has come a long way, there’s much more to do.

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11 March 2020

‘The doctor will Skype you now’: telehealth may limit coronavirus spread, but there’s more we can do to protect health workers

Griffith expert in infection prevention and control says telehealth consultations are a good step in controlling the spread of COVID-19 but more needs to be done.

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10 December 2019
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8 October 2019

Study explores how to make nature conservation ‘go viral’

Study models how conservation initiatives are adopted until they reach level where they can have real impact on conserving or improving biodiversity.

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