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16 October 2017
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11 June 2024
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23 November 2018

After 15 years’ work, it’s time: Australia’s national integrity commission solution explained

Fifteen years after Transparency International Australia and Griffith University researchers first assessed Australia as needing a comprehensive federal anti-corruption body,...

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1 November 2017
Dr Beth Hamilton, Queensland's 2018 Rhodes Scholar

Griffith medicine grad named Queensland’s 2018 Rhodes Scholar

Improving the human condition by reducing health inequality is the goal for Dr Elizabeth Hamilton, a Griffith Medicine graduate just announced as this year's 2018 Rhodes Scholar.

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26 March 2024

Plan encourages habitat protection to prevent pandemics

Study urges conserving natural areas and promoting biodiversity to prevent disease outbreaks.

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7 March 2024

Olympic titans turned trailblazers for women’s sport

Griffith University’s celebrates two powerhouse female sports leaders this International Women’s Day.

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30 January 2024

What do Aussie companies promise stakeholders?

Shining a spotlight on the cultural values of the top 100 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies, a Griffith University report examines how Australian companies say they intend to behave.

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12 June 2023
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30 November 2022
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29 September 2022

How does the government’s long-awaited anti-corruption bill rate?

The prospects of Australia securing a strong federal anti-corruption agency have taken a huge leap forward, with introduction of the Albanese government’s much awaited National Anti-Corruption Commission bill into federal parliament.

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