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25 May 2015

Bridging the gap between industrial relations research and practice

Under the leadership of President, Justice Iain Ross AO, Australia’s workplace relations tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, began a national...

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14 May 2014

Industrial relations and ‘citizenship’: a new paradigm

New frontiers around ‘citizenship at work’ and how multilevel-governance institutions can be designed to maximise value, was the topic of...

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15 June 2018

OH&S funding sorely lacking from 2018 Qld Budget’s employment relations plans

It is curious that the Government has not included substantial investment for this activity in the Budget, says Professor Michael Barry.

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22 September 2015

Esteemed acknowledgement of contribution to employment relations research

The contribution of WOW’s Associate Professor Keith Townsend to the field of labour and employment relations (ER) research was acknowledged...

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22 July 2015

Australia’s future workforce: Young workers as industrial citizens

The Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing will partner with the Griffith Business School’s Alumni portfolio next month (21 August),...

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12 November 2013

Distinguished appointment for employment relations Professor

Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW)and Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources(ERHR) staff member, Professor David Peetz, was...

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19 September 2013
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27 February 2013
Sue Ressia

Work and employment relations in an uneven patchwork world: AIRAANZ 2013

Well attended by both Academic and Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs), the 27th Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and...

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9 October 2023
Oration 2

Brighter Future for All Oration: The Perfectibility of Opportunity

As a civic institution, Griffith University is committed to deep engagement with our local communities and unlocking knowledge and foresight from influential thinkers and leaders. On 4 October 2023, we proudly presented the inaugural Brighter Future for All Oration at Brisbane City Hall with The Honorable Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Treasurer of Australia and one of our most distinguished alumni.

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31 August 2022

What can unions and the Albanese government offer each other at the jobs summit?

The Jobs and Skills Summit will attempt to lay the groundwork for several years of policy development. The unions and the government will both look for co-operation from the other over the long haul.

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