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1 July 2019

Australia Awards Scholars from Indonesia explore Australia’s top tourism destinations

Leaders from across the Indonesian tourism sector traveled to Australia to complete an Australia Awards – Short Term Award in...

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8 April 2019

Australia-Eastern Indonesia Tourism Forum gives insight into the future of sustainable and digital tourism

The forum comes as Griffith International welcomes a new cohort of leaders from the Indonesia tourism sector.

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27 November 2018

More trade and collaboration needed between Indonesia and Australia

The Australia Indonesia Business Council 2018 conference was held on the 11—13November at the Gold Coast. Under the theme of...

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28 March 2019

Experts gather to address the biggest election in the world

The world’s single largest election day will take place next month, as Indonesians head to the polls. With more than...

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26 November 2018
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28 October 2012

Prime Minister’s speech on Asian century

Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched the Federal Government White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century. This is the full text of her launch speech.

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