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5 October 2021

Nutrition in primary care yields health and economic benefits

Personalised nutrition advice from primary healthcare providers is better than usual care at improving a person’s health and costs little more.

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31 March 2021

Providing food to patients in primary care settings may aid weight loss

Providing food as an intervention to patients in GP and community clinics may help support weight loss a Griffith University study has found.

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24 March 2021

New map of patient-centred care to support general practice teams

Finding common ground and having enough time with patients as well as collaboration with other health-care providers are key components of a new patient-centred care model.

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20 June 2013
Healthy Start participants

A Healthy Start for refugees

Students from Griffith’s School of Medicine have developed a program called Healthy Start to assist refugees navigate our health system.

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17 August 2022

Vegan or keto or carnivore. Which diet is best for you?

In this article I compare five diets—vegan, vegetarian, keto, carnivore and Mediterranean— comparing on the impacts on your health and busting some myths along the way, to help you make an informed choice about what you need to consume.

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20 July 2022
Charcuterie Board

Is this the end of the deli?

Processed meats are often publicised to be as bad as smoking? You are not doing the same harm as a cigarette when you reach for a charcuterie board, but it is definitely far from harmless.

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22 July 2021
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9 June 2021

What kids can teach us about workplace relations

You don't need to be a STEM entertainer to experience the value of children’s emotion. You just need to watch how they view the world and remember you used to see the same things they do. Practising these emotions may lead to a surprising new currency in the workplace.

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26 May 2021

Dietitians want more training to help those with eating disorders

While dietitians may be one of the first health professionals to recognise disordered eating and behaviours, their role outside hospitals can be unclear.

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20 March 2023

The false promises of the “15 Minute City”

Griffith University’s award-winning urban planner, Dr Tony Matthews, applies his professional insights to the the "15 Minute City". The 15 minute city concept is designed to ensure that most daily necessities are close by our homes and purports to return residents to a more local way of living but will fail to realise its promise for a broad section of the community.

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