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6 January 2017
Smiling headshot of Griffith University EcoCentre Engagement Officer, Mr Dominic Jarvis

EcoCentre to host sustainability leadership program validated by Harvard centre

A renowned sustainability program validated by Harvard University's Center for Health and the Global Environment will bring influential Australians from across many sectors to the Griffith University EcoCentre in 2018

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15 September 2015

Overcoming challenge to be university high flyer

A tour of top universities including Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Harvard and Stanford in the US, are...

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5 May 2015
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4 November 2016
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29 September 2022

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

Maintaining our health and quality of life is important to each of us and important to all of us as a society. While this issue has been brought into stark relief globally with the COVID-19 pandemic, across the world, for centuries, people have battled everything from outbreaks of infectious diseases to chronic health problems. The third of United Nations Sustainable Development goals is focused specifically on the aim of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being in people of all ages.

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9 August 2022

Teeth hold valuable clues for understanding ancient climates and evolutionary processes

Increasing climate variability has been implicated as a driving force for the origins of our species (Homo sapiens) over 300,000 years ago,...

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27 May 2021
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16 November 2020
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19 October 2018

Neoliberal authoritarianism and the politics of debt

By Dr Chris Butler Griffith Law School This post draws on a research article ‘State power, the politics of debt...

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19 September 2018

Wildlife warriors offer a different view on conservation

Threeleaders in wildlife conservation will give voice to their innovative and sometimes controversial concepts when they unite for a unique evening seminar hosted by Griffith University.

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