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6 October 2022
Professor Alan Mackay-Sim

GRIDD receives funding to develop drugs to treat schizophrenia

Paving the way for personalised medicine, Griffith University researchers will use stem cells from nasal biopsies of people with schizophrenia...

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30 August 2021
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7 August 2020

GRIDD Director honoured as Fellow of the Australian Society for Parasitology

Professor Katherine Andrews, Director of the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), has been recognised as a Fellow of the Australian Society for Parasitology for her work on malaria drug discovery.

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30 March 2020
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11 March 2020

GRIDD joins peak medical research body

Leading drug discoveryinstitute announced newmember of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes.

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20 October 2017

GRIDD researcher combatting antibiotic resistance

A Griffith University researcher says we urgently need to safeguard current antibiotics and discover new ones to avoid what has...

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21 September 2017

GRIDD Director honoured by Duke of York

Professor Jennifer Martin has been honoured by HRH Prince Andrew as a Bragg Member with the Royal Institute of Australia....

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28 March 2017

GRIDD Director honoured with Wunderly Oration Medal

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery’s (GRIDD) Director Professor Jennifer Martin is the second woman to receive the prestigiousWunderly Oration Medal...

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19 June 2024

New diagnostic tests on the brink for Spinal Muscle Atrophy

In a groundbreaking effort to combat the devastating effects of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Dr. Jean Giacomotto from the Griffith...

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6 June 2024

$1m award delivers Australian-first tech for biomed research 

Native Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry will enable cross-collaboration research to develop life-changing therapies, vaccines and diagnostics. 

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