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4 June 2024
Solar panel farm at sunset located in South Australia

Australia’s 2024 green energy policies mark a significant shift towards cleaner energy sources

A new policy brief from the Griffith Asia Institute evaluates Australia’s 2024 green energy-related policies and examines their potential impact...

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24 February 2021

Green rental housing policy saves money and the environment

A shift towards green building standards will unlock environmental, economic and social benefits in the affordable rental housing sector new Griffith University research has found.

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30 November 2020

Our MBA program wins Australasian Green Gown Award

Griffith’s MBA program has won the prestigious Learning, Teaching and Skills category in the 2020 Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Green Gown Awards.

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10 May 2019

Australian party policies divided on UN Sustainable Development Goals

The analysis brings into stark focus the areas in which Australia’s parties are making headway — and those suffering from significant shortfalls.

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29 August 2016
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9 November 2014
Professor Catherine Pickering and Mr Mark Ballantyne with the GrowsAtGriffith app

Growing at Griffith commended at Green Gown awards

A suite of initiatives developed at Griffith University to enhance knowledge and understanding of biodiversity in South-East Queensland has been...

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30 May 2012

Green power through individual action

Griffith University’s Dr Sally Russell is leading the charge for Australians to embrace simple sustainable practices in everyday life. With...

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22 September 2020
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31 August 2020
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29 May 2024
intergenerational issues

Australia’s unfair generational inheritance

The 2024-2025 Australian federal budget addressed current cost-of-living issues but lacked any real clarity around future planning. It has raised concerns about the long-term impacts of budget measures on future generations.

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