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20 November 2019

Griffith alumnus leading the GC Suns’ AFLW charge

Head of Women’s Football at the GC Suns Fiona McLarty, a Griffith alumnus, has brought together all 30 recruits for the first time ahead of the AFLW 2020 season.

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22 October 2020
Gavin McKean

Bachelor of Business helped alumnus discover his sporting passion

Gavin McKean says the options on offer at Griffith University helped him narrow down his career passion, and now he works for the Gold Coast Suns.

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20 August 2019

Griffith kicks a winning major with Gold Coast AFL teams

Following on from last year’s highly successful Commonwealth Games partnership, Griffith’s ongoing commitment to the Gold Coast is further enhanced...

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10 September 2014

Trio takes out Best & Fairest

David Swallow (Bachelor of Business — Sports Management) capped his brilliant AFL season by being crowned the Gold Coast Sun’s club champion and becoming the first player to break skipper Gary Ablett’s stranglehold on the award.

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22 March 2024

Nothing ever lasts

Celebrated author Benjamin Law has worked in the media industry for over a decade. He hates thinking of himself as a 'diversity hire'. ‘I belong in this room,’ I told myself. I’m not a token – despite being called that so many times in my career that I’ve lost count. I’ve earned my place.

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31 October 2023
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12 June 2023
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20 February 2023
Australia seen from space

A Theory of Place

Griffith University's Chancellor Andrew Fraser asks us to consider our our provenance. He asks us about place, posits questions of patriotism, of people with a fidelity, about loyalty, connection of place, and of belonging.

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5 April 2022

The polls look grim for the Coalition. Will Queensland buck the trend again?

Awaiting the official start of the 2022 campaign, published polls show Labor is comfortably ahead of the government. Pundits agree this year’s election is Albanese’s to lose, but predictions range along a spectrum from a Labor landslide to a narrow win, to a finely balanced hung parliament.

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8 June 2021
Brisbane Flood 2011

Climate change and the great Australian insurance dilemma

Underinsurance and un-insurability are growing in Australia and creating a plethora of social justice issues. With low-income earners and first home buyers disproportionately exposed to risks.

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