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4 July 2016
Paul Andoniadis

Fukushima Power Plant meltdown inspires career change

The 2011 Japanese tsunami and subsequent Fukushima Power Plant meltdown destroyed many lives but for one Gold Coast man it was a turning point in his career.

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19 November 2013

Authorities begin Fukushima cleanup

Professor Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice Chairman of Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission, talks to ABC Radio National about the Fukushima nuclear plant....

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10 September 2013

Japan’s Olympic Win and Fukushima

With the Tokyo Olympics only 7 years away, Dr Vlado Vivoda, Research Fellow, Griffith Asia Institute, is interviewd on The...

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3 June 2013

New book shines light on Fukushima disaster

Associate Professor Richard Hindmarsh, is the editor of a new book which which examines the disturbing insights gleaned from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.

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28 March 2013

After Fukushima: The future of nuclear power in Asia

Before the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant on March 11, 2011, just two years ago yesterday,...

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1 March 2022
Decarbonise Russia

Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine push Europe towards energy independence and faster decarbonisation?

In 1973, the world’s post-war boom hit the rocks. Oil producers restricted supply, sending prices soaring. In the aftermath of...

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23 July 2014
Architecture student Miyuki Suzuki with project

Miyuki bridges gap between Gold Coast, Japan

Gold Coast architecture student Miyuki Suzuki’s work stands out for its superior blend of imagination, function and design. These qualities...

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28 March 2014

New book released: Energy Security in Japan

Griffith Asia Institute Featured Publication Purchase the book from Ashgate press For a country already uneasy about energy security, the...

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11 November 2013
Headshot of Andrew O'Neil, director Griffith Asia Institute.

Griffith hosts key energy security forum

Griffith Asia Institute will host a high level workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov 12-13) that addresses core energy security...

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7 February 2013

Japan can’t afford to leave nuclear power switched off

“Recent data shows Japan posted a record high trade deficit of Â¥6.93tn (A$73.16bn) in 2012. Japan is struggling with rising...

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