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17 October 2012

New enrolment process 2013

New enrolment process to be released for Semester 1 2013 enrolments. The new enrolment consists of 3 easy steps: Step...

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11 October 2023

Griffith launches the Deaf Space to support increasing community of Deaf students

The Griffith University Deaf Space has launched with a dedicated, deaf-friendly, safe study and interpreting space to support an increasing community of Deaf students with 20 enrolments in 2023.

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8 August 2023
A student working on lettering at the Queensland College of Art and Design

Designing the next chapter for QCA

Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA) is proudly recognising its largest cohort by including them in its new name — Queensland College of Art and Design (QCAD).

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24 July 2023
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1 March 2023
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9 May 2022
Climate and the election

Australians intend to vote on climate action at election

Griffith University’s Climate Action Beacon conducted the first of five annual Climate Action Surveys in late 2021. These surveys discover Australians’ thoughts and feelings about climate change and related environmental and climatic events, conditions, and issues.

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19 July 2021
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26 May 2020

Griffith acknowledges National Reconciliation Week

Griffith University acknowledges National Reconciliation Week and National Sorry Day with an enduring commitment to its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

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27 April 2020

New leadership for the School of Nursing and Midwifery

Sustainability and growth in nursing and midwifery will be Professor Ann Bonner’s focus when she takes the reins at Australia’s best school for nursing.

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20 February 2020

Oh, how wonderful at O-Week!

More than 40,000 students are gearing up to start Trimester One as O-Week celebrations kicked into overdrive across all Griffith campuses this week.

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