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9 June 2021

What kids can teach us about workplace relations

You don't need to be a STEM entertainer to experience the value of children’s emotion. You just need to watch how they view the world and remember you used to see the same things they do. Practising these emotions may lead to a surprising new currency in the workplace.

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10 June 2019

Breathe and be present – research backs mindfulness in the workplace

Being ‘mindful’ in the workplace can maintain and improve co-worker relationships.

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3 April 2017
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2 August 2016
Professor Peter Jordan

When a happy workplace doesn’t work

What would you rather have in your workplace: a happy environment where co-workers celebrate their birthdays with a singalong over a supermarket sponge cake, or simply fewer frustrations?

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18 August 2015
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6 September 2017
Professor Peter Jordan

Five minutes with…Peter Jordan

WOW’s Deputy Director, Professor Peter Jordan, researches how emotions impact on people’s behaviour at work. Why? He just finds it...

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24 July 2023
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26 June 2023
AI artificial intelligence and digital mental health

The use of AI in digital mental health

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the potential to enhance productivity and increase in annual GDP. However, the risks associated with AI also need to be studied. Digital mental health faces challenges in providing integrated and effective solutions, but early evidence suggests feasibility and effectiveness. Understanding the complex relationship between mental health and its factors is crucial for innovation in digital mental health and its potential interventions.

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29 March 2023

Navigating Artificial Intelligence with Toby Walsh

In this instalment of Griffith University’s Better Future for All series, journalist Kerry O’Brien explores the future and impact of AI with leading global thinker Professor Toby Walsh.

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16 February 2023

What makes the idea of civilisations being replaced so popular again?

The idea of a "great" replacement has been the source of extremist politics for some time, it has entered the mainstream through a gradual process of normalisation since the turn of the century. These views are grounded in a mythology that civilisations are racially and culturally distinct and fixed in time. Dr Susan de Groot Heupner considers the role of “great” replacement and premillennialism as they relate to the Wieambilla siege.

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