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13 June 2017

Five minutes with…Ashlea Troth

Associate Professor Ashlea Troth has always been interested in people. She likes to know what makes them tick!! We spend...

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1 November 2016
Susan Dennion

World-first study examines impact of imprisoned mothers on children

The impact of incarceration on children whose mothers are in prison is the focus of a world-first Australian Research Council study announced today.

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2 August 2016
Professor Peter Jordan

When a happy workplace doesn’t work

What would you rather have in your workplace: a happy environment where co-workers celebrate their birthdays with a singalong over a supermarket sponge cake, or simply fewer frustrations?

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11 April 2016

Endeavour scholarship visit Bould[h]er over

Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing Higher Degree Research student member, Jessica Blomfield, won an Australian Government Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship...

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2 May 2024

Griffith awarded $2.2 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants

Griffith University has been awarded $2.2 million across the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator Grants. Congratulations to...

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20 December 2023

Navigating investments wisely

Explore intelligent wealth-building insights: assess risk objectively, avoid herd mentality, and overcome overconfidence in navigating investments. Success lies not just in making money but in safeguarding it—creating a resilient financial foundation for the future says Dr John Fan.

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10 October 2023
You Tube

The impact of YouTube on mental health

YouTube wields significant influence on mental health. It's a double-edged sword, fostering both positive and negative effects. Parasocial relationships with content creators can deepen loneliness, especially among the vulnerable. YouTube can also educate, connect, and support mental well-being through informative content and communities as suicide prevention researcher Dr Luke Balcombe explains.

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29 March 2023

Navigating Artificial Intelligence with Toby Walsh

In this instalment of Griffith University’s Better Future for All series, journalist Kerry O’Brien explores the future and impact of AI with leading global thinker Professor Toby Walsh.

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5 January 2023
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1 July 2021

Training heats up for Griffith racewalker ahead of Tokyo  

Tokyo bound racewalker and Griffith University Occupational Therapy student Katie Hayward has turned the heat up onhertrainingregimeas the countdown tothe Gamesbegins.

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