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10 December 2015
Engineering graduate Jack Anderson and the Griffith Racing Team car, ready for the Formula SAE-A challenge in Melbourne

Jack in driver’s seat for motorsport challenge

Engineering graduate Jack Anderson will lead the Griffith Racing Team in the Formula SAE-A student engineering motorsport challenge at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne

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3 August 2015

Legal implications for driverless cars

The rise of driverless vehicles is creating a new set of problem for car manufacturers, insurance companies, law enforcement and drivers writes Dr Kieran Tranter.

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4 December 2012
speeding car and learner plates

Driver training may not be so safe

Shock tactics have long been a staple approach to changing risky driving behaviours, but Griffith Health Institute research has found some driver safety programs may be contributing to the problem.

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28 August 2012

Queensland police recruit training courses to be scaled back

Professor Tim Prenzler talks to The Courier Mail in relation to cuts to police training. The Courier Mail reports training...

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14 May 2024

Newly formed Centre aims to transform our understanding of violence against women

Eliminating violence against women is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Awareness of the problem has grown...

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4 April 2023
Manipulator concept

Sovereign Citizens: Eccentrics or Extremists?

Sovereign citizens or ‘sovcitz’ reject the authority of the government and legal systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled extremism, including sovereign citizen beliefs in Australia, says Griffith University’s Dr Keiran Hardy, and poses challenges to law enforcement and public safety.

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21 March 2023

Will new Gamble Responsibly taglines impact gambling behaviour?

Online betting companies in Australia now use new messages instead of the ambiguous 'gamble responsibly' in advertising. The seven new 'gamble responsibly' taglines aim to encourage consumers to pause and consider the consequences of losing a bet or question their behavioural choices. However, whether the messages will be effective in influencing behavioural choices is still debated writes Griffith University’s Dr Marie-Louise Fry.

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20 July 2021
Feature image shows a typical rides share to compliment the story.

Rideshares and cashless payments impact older Queenslanders

Limited options means older Queenslanders are increasingly isolated or resort to risky behaviours.

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28 June 2021
Professor John Rasko

In Conversation with Professor John Rasko AO

Professor John Rasko is a globally pre-eminent physician-scientist whose work on regenerative medicine and biotechnology is fundamentally changing our understanding...

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13 January 2021

Job-Ready Certificates tackle acceleration of change

Griffith University is meeting the challenge of a rapidly changing employment environment through an expanded short-course program for 2021 aimed at boosting the employability of graduates.

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