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10 January 2023
Peregian Beach

How do Queenslanders respond to a disaster? Let’s look at the data

A collaboration between the Relational Insights Data Lab and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services aimed to better understand where, when, and how people move during a disaster in order to inform the states response strategy. Here is what they found.

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12 March 2020

1 million rides and counting: on-demand services bring public transport to the suburbs

Griffith researcher says the technology-driven revolution in urban transport has completely missed the suburbs, which lack public transport services and shared micromobility devices.

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29 March 2019

Research Impact: Creating transport solutions that work

Findings out of Griffith's Cities Research Institute have led to a deeper understanding of the impact of the daily school drop-off on the active and independent mobility of children.

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8 September 2016
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28 February 2020

What makes electric vehicle owners tick?

Griffith University is driving new research into owning electric vehicles in Queensland and needs early adopters to share their experiences in a consumer survey.

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14 June 2017
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30 May 2017
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7 November 2016

Helping Koalas survive urban sprawl

Environmental science in one of the foundation research disciplines at Griffith University. This grounding allows a depth and continuity of...

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26 July 2016
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26 October 2015

Changes to tertiary concession fares

The Tertiary Transport Concession Card has been removed and is no longer required. Students in South East Queensland can now...

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