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23 May 2022
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28 May 2019

Griffith economics grad banks a role at RBA

For Griffith economics graduate Lorenzo Schofer, securing a dream job at the Reserve Bank of Australia was the culmination of a decade long banking journey

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6 February 2019

Griffith experts comment on banking royal commission

Griffith Business School academics break down the reasons Australia's banks have been brought to task - and what lies ahead for consumers and the industry.

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6 June 2017
Miwa Nakai Griffith University

Alumnus’ work in Japan to impact sustainable future

Dr Miwa Nakai talks about her time at Griffith, postgraduate study and her groundbreaking research at the University of Tokyo.

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2 March 2017
Laura Bowen and Ally Crossing.

Competition creates employment opportunities

SV Partners awards valuable work experience to the lucky winner.

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19 September 2013
Sanja Ajzerle, Griffith commerce graduate, sits at table with her Queensland award on table in front of her.

Commerce graduate contests AFA finals

Sanja Ajzerle remembers her early days in Australia, when English was such a foreign language to the Croatian native that...

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1 February 2012

Professional development key to success

Not many degrees can claim a 100% employment success rate, but every graduate from the first cohort of Griffith University’s...

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10 January 2018
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4 August 2014

The Pride of Griffith

The 2014 Commonwealth Games have drawn to a close with Australia proudly positioned 2nd on the medal tally. Griffith students and alumni have finished with 10 gold, five silver and seven bronze which would see Team Griffith placed 10th on the tally board if Griffith was a nation.

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23 July 2014

Griffith at Glasgow

Just when you thought you could get a good night's sleep now that the World Cup is over...the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games promises more late nights and early rises.

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