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30 November 2022

Livestreaming event attracts thousands of Chinese consumers to Australian macadamia exporter

Researchers from The University of Adelaide teamed up with Griffith University to conduct a buyer virtual engagement study for Chinese...

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13 July 2022
Charging Electric Cars

Tax changes to address lack of affordable EVs for all consumers

Business buyers account for over 40% of new light vehicle sales, but their uptake of EVs is shockingly low at a mere 488 EVs in 2020 or 0.02% of passenger cars and light SUVs, compared to the European average of 57% of EVs acquired by business.

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3 March 2021
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28 February 2020

What makes electric vehicle owners tick?

Griffith University is driving new research into owning electric vehicles in Queensland and needs early adopters to share their experiences in a consumer survey.

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4 August 2020

Electric Vehicle incentives missing from voluntary CO2 car emission standards

Australia needs to significantly increase its number of zero emission Electric Vehicles to meet new voluntary carbon emission targets.

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4 August 2022
More Australians are leaning towards a plant-based diet

More Australians avo-go at a vegan diet

Health concerns and a changing attitude towards eating meat is causing more Australians to swap their omnivore diets for one that is plant-based.

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9 May 2022
Climate and the election

Australians intend to vote on climate action at election

Griffith University’s Climate Action Beacon conducted the first of five annual Climate Action Surveys in late 2021. These surveys discover Australians’ thoughts and feelings about climate change and related environmental and climatic events, conditions, and issues.

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3 March 2022
Financial Literacy

Six ways to improve your teenager’s financial literacy

People need a basic understanding of financial concepts to make good financial decisions. Our newly released research found most students generally do not know a lot about personal finance.

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10 September 2020

Vaccine safety and family lead COVID-19 concerns

When Australians have access to a future COVID-19 vaccine only 68% of people would choose to have it a Griffith University study shows.

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3 September 2020

Qld electric vehicle owners want to put brakes on CO2

New survey finds early adopters pay more and take care of their own recharging to save the environment.

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