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15 November 2022

Griffith seeks EOI for 2026 Brisbane CBD campus

Griffith University’s new CBD campus is on-track to open in 2026 with expressions of interest being sought from landlords and developers from today.

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21 April 2022

Griffith Asia Institute and Asian Development Bank examine how CBDC can impact financial inclusion

As digital transformation continues to accelerate across the Asia-Pacific region, the prospect of developing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is...

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31 August 2020

Planning expert says CBD downsizing will have major implications for cities

Dr Tony Matthews says there is building evidence of a mass exodus from commercial office space in the Brisbane CBD and it will have major implications for all cities in a variety of ways.

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5 June 2024
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3 October 2023
Group of students studying online together

Student Satisfaction on top at Griffith

Griffith University has scored the 2023 Online Universities Award in front of five major universities, showing student experience is a top priority at Griffith.

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4 April 2023
Manipulator concept

Sovereign Citizens: Eccentrics or Extremists?

Sovereign citizens or ‘sovcitz’ reject the authority of the government and legal systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled extremism, including sovereign citizen beliefs in Australia, says Griffith University’s Dr Keiran Hardy, and poses challenges to law enforcement and public safety.

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20 December 2022

Regenerative literacy can help build sustainable tourism

When you think about good tourism experience, it’s the things that you have done and the emotions that you felt while doing them that generally come to mind. Tourism also connects us,as tourists and as hosts, to place. How can we rebuild biodiversity as tourists and tourism operators?

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21 June 2022
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14 June 2022
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5 April 2022

The polls look grim for the Coalition. Will Queensland buck the trend again?

Awaiting the official start of the 2022 campaign, published polls show Labor is comfortably ahead of the government. Pundits agree this year’s election is Albanese’s to lose, but predictions range along a spectrum from a Labor landslide to a narrow win, to a finely balanced hung parliament.

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