Griffith University has scored the 2023 Online Universities Award in front of five major universities, showing student experience is a top priority at Griffith.

Griffith received a five star rating as a result of the Canstar Blue survey for categories such as quality of education received, learning resources, student support available, opportunities and career prospects after graduation and overall satisfaction.

Provost Professor Liz Burd is passionate about enhancing the quality of Griffith students’ learning experience.

Provost Professor Liz Burd is passionate about enhancing the quality of Griffith students learning experience.

“Griffith is delighted our students are enjoying their study experience with us,” Professor Burd said.

We thank our dedicated staff who have put in a lot of effort to provide high-quality learning, and we are committed to further enriching the online and on-campus experience for our students.

Griffith understands students are balancing all sorts of life situations and commitments, and we strive to offer our students the freedom to study in a way that suits their changing needs.

Having offered online study for 20 years, we’ve helped thousands to achieve their study goals.

Providing the flexibility to fit study into your life is a big part of our success.

Griffith offers a range of flexible learning options such as online, accelerated online, part-time, full-time and a third trimester giving students an opportunity to pick up extra courses over summer.

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief Christine Seib said choice of university is a potentially life-determining decision.

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief Christine Sieb said seven out of 10 students and graduates surveyed said their degree was vital to ensuring their career prospects were bright, which makes choice of university a potentially life-determining decision.

“Griffith University plays an important part in offering strong choices in tertiary education, not just through the greater accessibility its online degrees allow but also by providing online students and graduates with what they considered to be a five-star quality of education, with equally valuable learning resources and support, that ensured they had top-rated post-graduation opportunities.

“That helps explain why Griffith University’s online students and graduates were more satisfied with their overall university experience than those of other online universities – their tertiary study provides an outcome that they will continue to benefit from long after their uni days are over.”

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