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9 April 2021
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30 October 2017

Survey: support for Indigenous recognition underestimated

A national survey has found widespread support for Indigenous constitutional recognition, including the Voice to Parliament proposal.

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10 October 2014
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12 April 2016
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29 September 2022

How does the government’s long-awaited anti-corruption bill rate?

The prospects of Australia securing a strong federal anti-corruption agency have taken a huge leap forward, with introduction of the Albanese government’s much awaited National Anti-Corruption Commission bill into federal parliament.

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27 July 2021
Parliament House, Canberra

SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG 16 aims to build strong and just institutions in support of peaceful and inclusive societies around the world by 2030. It promotes the rule of law, transparency, accountability, good governance, and ensuring equal access to justice and strengthening human rights.

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9 June 2021
Lady Justice

Lessons for the Prime Minister from the everyday workplace

When should an organisation’s leader commission an independent inquiry into past allegations of serious misconduct by one of her or his senior team, not being dealt with by police? Even more importantly, how should it be done?

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20 August 2018
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9 October 2017

What role for the states in the age of disruption?

Australia's states and territories could be powerful players when it comes to tackling some of 2017's big issues, according to Griffith University expert Dr Tracey Arklay.

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28 October 2014
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